Rebuilding the Love in Your Marriage


Do you feel a little distant from your partner? Do you feel like something is missing? Maybe a little spark?

I want to share with you a life-changing tool that can help  bring back the Love in your marriage. It is so simple you would think “Duh”.

But the trick is you have to do it everyday.  Lasting Love takes daily maintenance. There is no way around it. You want your Love to Last you need to take care of it and maintain it daily. It’s like a rose garden. If you don’t provide daily care, roots will grow and destroy your beautiful roses. Your relationship is the same way.

So here goes.

Show your partner the LOVE. Show & tell your partner how much you appreciate everything they do for you and your family. It can be something little. “Thanks babe I really appreciate you taking the kids a bath tonight.” Simple right.


Tell your Boo what You Need. I know we expect our partners to be mind readers and instantly know what we need and want from them. But it’s not going to happen if you don’t tell them. When it’s just the two of you. Just open up. Tell them what you need more of. Please don’t nag, this will just put them on the defense.

Touch Me baby One More Time. I know…bad Britney Spears joke but she was on to something here. Shocking right;) There needs to be daily touching, hugging, kissing, affectionate stroking, holding hands. Show them some Love. They want to feel wanted. Sex is a great bonus but this is more than that. Touch is the first sense we acquire and the secret weapon in many successful relationships. Touching is another way of communicating your feelings to one another. So don’t be shy. Touch away.


Actively Listen to Your Partner. I know sometimes you got so much going on in your mind, you don’t want to listen to what they have to say. But actively listening and not interrupting is another way of showing Love. You want your partner to feel heard. This is so important that many times we don’t make the time for it.

Spend Time Alone Together. Believe me with a house full of kids I know this can seem like an impossibility. But you both need to do this. Everyday, even if it’s just 10 minutes, spend some time together. Do not talk about bills, errands you need to run, problems, or about your kids doctors visit. Just Be present with each other.


Have Fun with each other. Do something fun together every day. My hubby likes to give me vampire kisses on my neck which tickles and has me busting out laughing and then I try my hardest to squirm away from him, with no luck.It’s fun and makes us laugh. Simple right. Find whatever is fun for you. And once a week go out on a date and have a lot more fun.


Be Positive Yo! Seriously, nobody wants to be around people with negative attitudes. Believe me your partner will want to get away fast. I know life is hard and we are all susceptible to discouragement, stress and irritation. But try to say something positive, promising, and inspiring. Give them Hope.   Grow yourself with personal development so that you can uplift and motivate your partner. Need some motivation go here.


Put Yourself in Your Partners Shoes.Think about what it’s like being your partner. How does life feel like for them. What does it feel like to be married to you. What causes you stress. Just take a minute and think about it. Be open. Let it sink in. Believe me this will cause some kind of reaction in you.



I know you are probably saying ” Girl that is a lot to do in one day!” You might feel exhausted from the day that you feel like you don’t have anything to give yourself and now you have to do all this for you spouse.

I know. I felt the same way. We are all running on empty these days. But are you willing to let your relationship grow more and more distance until you feel you guys don’t have anything left. Being passive with your relationship is a lot more disastrous. Daily maintenance takes a lot less work then waiting until it’s too late and trying to rebuild from there.  Take it one day at a time.


If you want show your partner and let them pick out 3 things they feel you are neglecting the most. Only 3.   And just focus on those 3 things for 1-3 months.

Do the things that makes your partner feel Loved and Wanted. This will bring back the love. Once you have been consistent with those 3 things and have made it a habit. Add one more. Just be consistent. This is what Strong Loving Relationships are build on.



How do you show your spouse you cherish them?



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