Fire Up Your Relationship in 10 seconds





Having a relationship takes work. Having a long lasting and loving relationship takes a lot of work. Believe me, being together with my spouse for 20 years has not always been easy. It takes time, dedication, compromise and really learning to listen to each other.

One tip I can give to you is to take the time to give your partner a passionate and loving send off for the day. No I do not mean a quickie(But not a bad idea:))

A quick, lackluster kiss goodbye in the morning while your getting ready to start the day shows your partner that whatever you are doing is more important than taking the time to look them in the eyes and give them a loving goodbye. A tepid kiss is a good sign that you need to step it up. It only takes one person to start. It may feel weird at first especially if your not use to it. But keep doing this everyday.

So this is what you do

Before your partner leaves in the morning or vice versa..Make sure to stop what your doing, eating, changing, getting the kids ready, whatever it is your doing…Drop it. Walk to your Partner. Grab his face. And give him a 10 second kiss.(Bonus for some tongue action). I promise your partner will be thinking about you all day. They will be thinking  “Damn what got into her/him today, I like it”!)



Then when they get home

Drop whatever your doing. Meet them at the door. If you have kids meet them outside, close the door behind you. Smile at them as they approach you. Look happy to finally have them home.

Say “hey baby I missed you today” and give them a 10 second kiss(again bonus for tongue, unless your kids are banging on the door to come out too. Then just a kiss). Give them a hug. Sometimes you can feel all the weight of the day slowly released from their body as you do this. It’s awesome.

If  they get home first. As soon as you get in the door, drop everything you have and look for them and plant a long steamy kiss on their lips.

I’m betting on more nights of passionate love making:)

This one small change will have such a wonderful impact in your relationship. Trust me.

I Challenge you to try this for a Month.



And come back and give me the scoop:)


All My Love,




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